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Ian told me his twentysomething years were like being in the middle of the ocean, like this vast, unmarked body of water. He couldn’t see land in any direction, so he didn’t know which way to go. He felt overwhelmed by the prospect that he could swim anywhere or do anything. He was equally paralyzed by the fact that he didn’t know which of the anythings would work out. Tired and hopeless at age twenty-fine, he was treading water to stay alive.

i’m officially a college graduate? whaaaat?

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1. What feature of your body do you like the most? 

i think my teeth are pretty nice. fairly straight and white and not too big or small for my mouth.

2. Something you want to know about your bias that you don’t know about. 

i want to know about eli’s dreams both figuratively and literally. like…what he wants from life. what he plans to do after u-kiss (for real, not whatever bullshit answer is given in interviews.) i also want to know about his actual dreams. what language does he dream in? what does he dream about? good things or bad?

3. Favorite topic at 2-3 in the morning.

i get hella philosophical late at night if you’re with me in person. i like to ponder life. my life. life in general. the universe. perspective. all that jazz. 

4. If you could wear any style of fashion what would it be?

i’m pretty keen on k-fashion. i like the super feminine stuff as well as the more street and androgynous stuff. i like to mix that together.

5. If you could do anything without the exception of limits what would you do? (dream-job wise) 

i would love to live in korea and do graphic design for like fashion/entertainment industry stuff.

6. Wit or Intelligence? 

wit. because i think you can’t have wit without intelligence. wit is the marriage of smart and funny. 

7. Your bias notices you what do you do?

apparently, i smile at him and give him a thumbs up…at least this is what happened in real life the first time he noticed me.

if theoretically i were in a venue where i could actually speak with him, i’d probably start with “hey dude, what’s up?” because ooo i am so hip and american.

8. Favorite scent?

bombshell by victoria secret is not necessarily my favorite smell, but it’s the one that means the most to me…so in that way it is my favorite. 

9. If you could be born anywhere…

i’m kind of good with where i was born because if i was born somewhere else i wouldn’t be myself at all. while i definitely want to live in other places and other countries in my life, i’m okay with not being born there. i’m not in love with my hometown, but i could have grown up in far worse places.

10. Favorite aesthetic

i basically want my life to look like anthropologie.

11. If there was a duck that kindly asked you: “I am the duck the duck from Neverland, I manage 6 beautiful men what is the chance that we could reserve a pudding-eating date together.” What say…

i would say, “what?” and then i would probably agree to the date assuming that the 6 men would be coming because i’m not really interested in a pudding date with a talking duck…or actually maybe i am? because that would be kinda cool.
my questions
  1. what is one thing you hope to accomplish by the end of the year?
  2. you have one month to go anywhere you want in the world. money is not an option. you can go as many or as few places as you want. where do you spend your time? 
  3. you are given an unlimited budget to buy one thing, what do you buy?
  4. would you rather have the ability to read minds or move objects with your mind?
  5. if you could rename yourself what would you call yourself? (you can’t choose your current name^^)
  6. what’s your favorite flower?
  7. do you believe in soul mates?
  8. make up a word and give it a definition. (not a question, but close enough.)
  9. what is the most important thing that you’ve learned in your life so far?
  10. i’m a genie, what are your three wishes?

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so cute whatever this is
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