UKISS x Icecream

zorkyakmorgan: #fat eli is best eli, ah ive never agreed with a tag more in my life frickin /preach it/

i just feel so much happier when eli has a few more pounds on him. i can sort of explain it, but then again i sort of can’t. ^^

nothing’s changed.


U-KISS - Only You (making film) 


elikim91 Goin to Japan


not changing ur url to maintain your brand recognition

hello. yes. i still exist.

i have been having a life/emotional crisis in recent weeks and that, coupled with a general lack of u-kiss activity is the reason for my absence. 

what follows under the cut is not necessarily meant to be read, but is meant to be catharsis…meaning that i am writing this down simply for the act of doing so in the hopes that it may somehow be helpful.

it’s rather long and depressing. i don’t really suggest reading it. 

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오늘이 우리 일라이 @EliKim0313 유키스 멤버들 6주년이라면서요! #UKISS6thAnniversary 축하해요! 6년동안 유키스와 함께한 키스..

Ian told me his twentysomething years were like being in the middle of the ocean, like this vast, unmarked body of water. He couldn’t see land in any direction, so he didn’t know which way to go. He felt overwhelmed by the prospect that he could swim anywhere or do anything. He was equally paralyzed by the fact that he didn’t know which of the anythings would work out. Tired and hopeless at age twenty-fine, he was treading water to stay alive.

i’m officially a college graduate? whaaaat?